Who Founded US Oncology and What is CMOH?

Dale Ross is the founder of US Oncology Holdings Inc., a leading practice in oncology and hematology. Consultants in Medical Oncology and Hematology (CMOH) was established nearly 30 years ago and has since become a renowned provider of cancer treatment. The practice is based on the model developed by Dr. John Sprandio, which emphasizes high-quality, personalized, and coordinated care.

CMOH operates from four locations in the Philadelphia metropolitan area and has over 75 staff members, including cancer nurses, physician assistants, protocol nurse managers, certified chemotherapy nurses, patient guides, and patient financial consultants. The practice is dedicated to providing excellent service to its patients and families, as well as referring and co-managing physicians. CMOH's services have been highly praised in the Philadelphia market due to patient satisfaction surveys, audits of National Network of Cancer Centers guidelines, recognition by the National Committee on Quality Assurance, its performance in the Cancer Care Model (CMS), and internal audits.